Welcome to ENTERVOX Telecom

Entervox is your one-stop shop when it comes to your business phone needs. When choosing Entervox as your telephone service provider, you will be astonished by the features we offer at no additional charge. At Entervox you can request the amount of incoming/outgoing lines you need. Our exclusive Fax over IP and cell phone integration, will enable you to use your cell phone through the PBX system without paying any long-distance charges. We also offer the lowest international rates and unlimited calls to Canada and US.* The call quality with Entervox is comparable to that of a landline and cell phone services. Entervox lets you customize your own plan, as every business only you know what your business needs are.

Be Connected anywhere

Having your smart phone integrated, allows you the freedom to be away from the desk but maintaining a presentence wherever you are.

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Save time, space and money

Your system is held in the cloud, and you don’t pay anything for it, it’s part of your plan. You don’t require expensive telephone systems installed in your office which can run in the thousands when factoring labour, programming, and hardware. The system is held in secure server farms, giving you peace of mind.

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Don’t limit yourself

The system is capable from running a single phone to running tens of thousands of phones. It’s never a problem to expand, simply add a new phone, extension or device. It’s that easy! No need for technicians that cost money and takes weeks to install.

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